Payroll Services for Small Businesses and Startups

We offer flexible, custom payroll solutions to meet your needs and current situation. Pay employees and contractors, pay and file payroll taxes, Issue W2’s and 1099’s.

Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly Payroll

Pay W2, 1099, or Owner Draws

Payroll Tax filing

WA State Prevailing Wage FIlings

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Payroll Software

QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop

Gusto Payroll Service


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FAQ on Payroll

Most frequent questions and answers

Generally it depends on your selection of payroll provider. For example, some payroll software will file Washington State LNI Worker’s comp, while others don’t. If the provider does not include this as a service, for example, we would have to file in a more manual way, which would increase our cost.

While we would love to do this for our clients, it is just not feasible and cost effective. We are there for our clients for support whether that be fixing an issue with their software or other small issues, but it is based on what we as a company deem necessary and reasonable, being at our sole discretion. For some issues brought to us by clients (usually mistakes created by the client or another bookkeeper) we have to bill at our hourly rate to solve these matters. Though, we are always happy to give quick pointers for free!

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