Bookkeeping Services for Small Businesses and Startups

We understand that a business need a strong financial foundation, which starts with clean and accurate financials. We aim to help build that foundation with you one step at a time.

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What's Included With Our Bookkeeping Service

Our Process

Without a consistent and designated process, it is easy to make mistakes. We make a point to have a process in place to make sure no stone goes left unturned.

Review Current Books

We check for errors, and make sure that everything prior to us working together is clean and tidy.

Catch up / Clean Up / Fix Errors

If any errors are identified or if there is a backlog of bookkeeping to be done, we take care of it before moving forward. Any backlog work or past errors are billed separately from our monthly rate.

Software Onboarding

Based on your needs and future goals, we get you set up with the software needed to accomplish these goals and meet your needs.

Recurring Bookkeeping

This is where the meat of the work is done. We categorize transactions, fix errors, identify duplicate transactions, match bank transactions to invoice and bill payments, and much more!

report Deliverables

Once your books are done for the month,  we generate and distribute reports for the month. At quarter’s end, we distribute quarterly reports as well. And at year’s end, we distribute annual reports. For most companies, the reports are profit and loss, balance sheet, and AR Aging Summary.

Document Accounting Process

As we continue to work together, we will work with you to document the process of managing your accounting. So that if and when you decide to take things in house, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

Accounting Software

QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop

Xero Cloud Accounting

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FAQ on Bookkeeping

Most frequent questions and answers

No. Bookkeeping is it’s own task and is billed at it’s own rate. If you would like to add on payroll, tax prep, or any other service, we can provide you a quote for those services as well.

While we would love to do this for our clients, it is just not feasible and cost effective. We are there for our clients for support whether that be fixing an issue with their software or other small issues, but it is based on what we as a company deem necessary and reasonable, being at our sole discretion. For some issues brought to us by clients (usually mistakes created by the client or another bookkeeper) we have to bill at our hourly rate to solve these matters. Though, we are always happy to give quick pointers for free!

Any work that needs to be done to catch up your books so that we can move forward will be billed separately. 

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